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Company Name Regulation US Clients Payout Min. Deposit Bonus Special Offer
Up to 95%  Up to 30% or $5,000
81% (86% VIP) $250 Up to 80%
81% - 89% $250 Up to 75%


OptionFair Website Review




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OptionFair is another form of binary options broker that offers a user-friendly website design for traders. One of the company’s attractions is its trading platform that is easy to use as you start trading in binary options. In defining the parameters of the trading transaction, traders only need to complete few steps. Hence, according to binary options broker reviews, the broker’s website is very well laid out where traders could browse freely without encountering any problem.


Found in the OptionFair website are the FAQ section which is very informative and contains data that most traders would need when they are learning about the trade. Hence, it also has an edifying glossary containing all trading terms that one could refer to when they are trading binary options. OptionFair offers One Touch trading in its platform as well as Boundary Trading.  Hence, it also offers 60 Seconds trading feature.


Traders could follow whole trading process with OptionFair trading platform provided in a graph for an open trade.  Hence, beginners find it easy to trade in binary option’s market with the broker’s Trader Basics providing traders useful information on how to trade binary options.


The asset index found on its website also contains all information about its whole detailed underlying assets that traders could use in trade together with trading hours of each of the asset. In addition to that, Early Closure, Expiry Calculation, and banking page found in the broker’s website are provided with full information, thus, helping traders understand more about the trading transaction in the options market. Traders find it really easy and convenient to trade in binary options market with the use of OptionFair platform.



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OptionFair Platform Review


In binary options trading review one gets extra info that covers binary options. Binary options trading platform plays a significant part in this trade. Also known as the binary options website. It provides new investors with a chance to come up with short term movement of price regarding underlying assets by buying binary options on asset.


Each one of the binary options broker have used this options trading platform including new traders in particular. It offers short-term binary options which are standardized along with pre-determined profit or loss. It could never in any case liquidate before the date of expiry.


A proper platform must be designed in particular to get traders. It needs to be flexible for new traders as well as seasoned traders. In order to know more with such platforms, just go through the binary options trading reviews on them. Look for those binary options trading providers that come with platform providing functionality & tools for individuals in binary trading. Also the platform should be simple to understand especially for amateur traders.


The majority of binary options brokers take advantage from the flexibility of it. It provides a broad range of stocks, currency pairs, indexes and commodities. The review of binary options trading helps in understanding the value of each key term in binary trading. The binary platform of provider must focus on offering useful methods for all the individuals in binary trading.


OptionFair Payment Methods


The OptionFair binary options broker offers services with regard to binary options trading. It even provides numerous financial instruments and tools regarding financial trading. Those trading with OptionFair must feel secure with regard to their investments.


The OptionFair payout is quite competitive in binary options trade which is 65-81%. Though it works perfectly fine regarding payout but still it has some downside. It does not give return for out-of-the-money binary options. Those who do not speak English can use this site in German, Spanish, Russian and Turkish. Such a feature makes it quite appealing and great trading platform.


Some of the binary options brokers even provide demo account meant for those who are new in this field. The binary options demo account is a stepping stone for most of the newcomers. OptionFair does have binary options demo account with general payment methods.